London Mainnet Announcement

Story Originally Posted by The Ethereum Foundation by Tim Beiko!

🔹Great news from the Ethereum Foundation!

After a successful testnet deployement, the London upgrade is now ready to be activated on the Ethereum mainnet. It will go live on block 12 965 000, which is expected between August 3–5, 2021.

🔹Client Versions

In order to be compatible with the London upgrade, node operators will need to upgrade the client version that they run. The versions, listed below for each client, support London on the Ethereum mainnet. These releases are different from the previously announced releases that supported London on testnets. Previous versions do not support London on mainnet. Links To Updates

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🔹London EIPs

The following EIPs are included in the London upgrade:


🔹Holding ETH is there anything you need to do?

If you use the Huobi Global exchange you don’t need to do anything. We will keep you updated on for any further changes.

However, if you use a web wallet service , a mobile wallet service , or a hardware wallet your provider should send you communication if there is any additional steps to take regarding this upgrade.

🔹Why “ London”?

After Istanbul, we ran out of names for our planned network upgrades. It was suggested to use Devcon city names for upgrades, and we did! London is where Devcon 1 took place. It followed the Berlin Devcon 0.

This wraps up this quick overview of the London upgrade !

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