Kusama — The first NFT hype!

🔹Kusama Kanaria!

Today is a special review. Kusama ecosystem gets its first own NFTs, thanks to the project that we are going to tell you about. It’s called Kanaria.

🔹Where can you buy KSM to participate?

Huobi has many pairs in order to buy KSM: USDT, BTC, HT

No Huobi Account? Register for a bonus here.

🔹What is Kanaria?

Kanaria is a collection of Kusama-native cheap and eco-friendly NFTs, all without smart contracts! It’s a collection of digital eggs that will “hatch” on June 1st into utility-NFTs that will not only look good but also carry some platform bonuses and customizable traits.

How RMRK — the platform Kanaria is built on — works is described on the RMRK website, but in a nutshell, they put graffiti onto the chain which we then interpret according to some very strict specifications. This interpretation allows us to see, create, trade, send, and even emote to NFTs. RMRK is a set of rules and standards for interpreting special data. It works on extrinsics of Kusama network, the idea is to put info about NFT, ownership, transactions right to Kusama blockchain by extrinsics. We will put the link to the wiki to learn about extrinsics, more. https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/en/build-protocol-info#extrinsics-and-events.

Kanaria is an in-production test and a tech demo of this technology.

The RMRK standard is compatible with any Substrate-based chain, so Polkadot, Kusama, Unique Network, and any of the others listed here. The Kanaria project is hosted on Kusama, using the RMRK standard.

🔹Emotes and Hatching

Note: an emote works like a switch. If you send an emoji once, and then again from the same address, it turns off. NFTs built on top of RMRK can be emoted on. It’s possible to send them reactions as you would on social media. Indeed, some people who claimed eggs already went all out with the emotes! Emotes can have an effect on the type of bird you’ll get when hatching the egg. There are two main types of traits, cosmetic and functional.

🔹Cosmetic Elements

The birds will all have a common base form, with several different sub-elements that can vary: eyes, beak or mouth, background, foreground, body, headwear, wings, wings-decal, hand, neck, feet, traits or aura.

And we come for our Special offer, if you claim your EGG in 2 hours after the premiere of this video, you will get an additional special NFT inside the Kanaria NFT, after the eggs are hatched.

🔹Item Transferability

Because RMRK 2.0 which the birds will be based on supports nested NFTs, this means NFTs can own NFTs. You will be able to send certain items and decals from your bird to another. This means your NFT will actually get its own NFTs on hatching.

For example, a bird random-rolled a surfboard. This surfboard is now added as a child NFT of your bird; in other words, the bird’s item. Your bird can send this NFT to another bird which can then equip it at its owner’s behest (using a special USE interaction).

Note that only props are transferable — decals, foreground props, headwear, etc. You cannot transfer emotion, expression, skin colour.

🔹Visualizing Traits

Non-cosmetic or functional traits are traits that give long-lasting platform-specific benefits. They are visualized on the birds, not as items or decals, but something like sockets, “slots” on the bird, or a bird’s aura — depending on what our illustrator comes up with. For the mechanics of Traits and what they mean, and how they will work in the context of Kanaria, please see the Trait Socket System section.

While emotes can slightly influence the chances of getting these coveted and valuable functional traits, the type of egg you claim directly influences your chances, with Super and Founder eggs having the best chances.


It’s important to note that emotes DO NOT guarantee an outcome. They only affect probabilities to get a certain trait. In other words, and in true Kusama form, no promises.

🔹How to Hatch

There are two requirements for your bird to be hatchable.

Collect 10 (HATCHING) emojis before May 17th. Since an emoji is a switch, you can only submit one emoji from one account once per NFT, a second submit will turn it off), you will need to find 9 friends to help you hatch your egg! (Yes, making alt accounts is allowed, but where’s the fun in that?)

Click the “Hatch” button in the Kanaria UI of your egg (button available after May 17th).

🔹Trait Socket System

What’s possibly the most exciting aspect of these birds is the Trait Socket System.

Every bird will have a certain number of trait sockets. If you’ve ever played the Diablo games, you’ll understand the reference.

Super Founder egg birds have 5 sockets,

Founder egg birds have a minimum of 2 sockets, up to 5, depending on how many from this category are claimed. They are also guaranteed an epic (95 of 9999 eggs can possibly have this) tradable prop.

Rare egg birds have a minimum of 2 sockets, up to 4 if all are claimed. 50 of them will have one trait socket pre-filled with the 0.1% Rev trait. They are also guaranteed a rare tradable prop (950 of 9999 eggs can possibly have this). All rare eggs will also have flock pairings with one or more LE eggs (see below).

Limited edition egg birds have a minimum of 1 socket, up to 4 traits if all are claimed. 15 of them will have one trait socket pre-filled with the 0.1% Rev trait. Some Limited Edition eggs will have a special trait that can only be rolled if the same address also holds a matching Rare egg (they are in a flock).

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🔹Trait Replacement

You will not be stuck with the traits you get or equip. The traits are NFTs too, only they are not transferable. In order to make room for another trait, you must CONSUME (burn) an existing one. This system allows you to continuously upgrade and evolve your bird over time with additional platform-specific bonus functionality that will only become apparent as our ecosystem grows.

This is where the birds will get their TRUE long term power. This is what makes them revolutionary utility-bearing NFTs, never before seen elsewhere. This is what’s going to shake the NFT landscape, and we’re just getting started.

🔹Do I have to hatch?

No, you can keep the egg as a collectible. It will have no functionality, but we cannot influence what other projects will do with these (who knows what blockchain-based game might accept rotten eggs as currency in the future?)

Is it better to have a well-emoted egg or one with no emotes?

It can swing either way. A ton of interesting emotes might have interesting effects, but it’s entirely possible that an emotionless egg will actually end up being the rarest.

🔹*What are the steps to participate?

  1. Buy KSM on Huobi if you don't have any right now
  2. Go https://kanaria.rmrk.app/?ref=promoteam
  3. Connect your KSM wallet
  4. Go to “Your Nest” -> Open Synaps-> KYC
  5. Do KYC and wait the CLAIMING Event — 20 April 2021 4 PM UTC+0 London Time

*This article created in collaboration with Huobi Global and disclaimer is held at the bottom of this publication.

What is PromoTeam?

PromoTeam — is the international team of Polkadot fans with experience and professional abilities: We excel in community growth, business communications and strategy, promotion, advertising, mathematics, programming, entrepreneurship, and many others areas. Our main goal is to increase adoption and the value of the Substrate ecosystem. By nurturing a grassroots community and involving as many people as we can. Our mission is to give the Polkadot and Substrate community the utility it needs to promotea Polkadot ecosystem.

Make sure to follow Huobi Global on Twitter & Join our Telegram group.

See you next time — thanks for reading!


  • The above offer is no way affiliated with Huobi or Huobi Global , and we are merely collaborating on this community piece about KSM for educational material about the new NFT on Kusama.
  • All offers or promotions of PromoTeam are from them. We ensure no liability in attaining these prizes or hold no responsibility to ensure prizes are delivered upon the promotional period.



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