Earn Rewards By Voting For Your Favorite Nodes!

The cumulative number of votes cast by HECO Chain Global Node Election has exceeded 580 million since its official launch on June 10th. Once nodes voted became the main nodes or back-up nodes, their supporters will be rewarded accordingly.

It has been reported that 50% of all transaction fees on HECO Chain is projected to be equally distributed to each main node, while 40% is distributed to 21 main nodes by the HT quantity locked. The remaining 10% is distributed to back-up nodes by the HT quantity locked. The income delivered to voters by a node is at least 70% of the total income and up to 100%, depending on the node initiator or the community. In brief, once you vote, you will receive an appealing reward.

This article will guide you to vote for your favorite nodes and earn rewards. Firstly, 1 HT token represents 1 valid vote for one node. The first 11 nodes with the highest votes will become the main nodes accordingly. Then the top 12 to 21 nodes will become back-up nodes automatically. Only if the node voted are empowered as main nodes or back-up nodes, their supporters will receive voting rewards. Rewards will be calculated and distributed after the snapshot period ends.

🔹Following the Below Steps to Vote for Your Favorite Nodes

Step 1. Download Huobi Wallet

Users are required to download Huobi Wallet via https://www.huobiwallet.com/ to create a wallet on Heco eco-chain or bound your previous HECO wallet with Huobi Wallet. Afterwards, you can successfully transfer your HT tokens to Huobi Wallet for voting.

Step 2. Enter the Voting Page

Congratulations! Now you are available to enter the Voting page via [Heco Vote] on the homepage. Then you have access to the voting and the number of cumulative votes directly.

Step3. Vote for Your Favorites Nodes

Tap [Vote Now], then all nodes will show up, and you are available to vote for your favorite nodes.

🔹How You Can Earn Rewards?

It’s very easy-handling for all voters to claim their rewards. Enter “My” page on Huobi Wallet, find the node that you have voted for, then tap “Claim”, then you can check your rewards in your account address.

🔹How Many Rewards Can You Get?

Let’s make this a little bit more clear with an example. Tom has casted 100 votes for his favorite node A and the total votes for node A in this round was 10,000, then the rewards that Tom can obtain = all rewards delivered to users by node A * 100/10,000. By this way, you are aware that all more HT tokens you own, the more votes you can cast, the more likely the node you support will be elected as main/back-up nodes, then the more rewards you can obtain.

In addition, there are various pictures available to post on various social media. Find your favorite nodes on “My” page, tap [Share] to spread on the social media. It’s really a good chance for your friends to participate and support your favorite nodes.

That’s all about how to vote for your favorite nodes and earn your rewards on HECO Chain. Let’s vote now!

🔹How to claim rewards after voting:

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