Add on Winners for Huobi Talk: Episode 23 on 15 March 2018

Upon reviewing the playback session on the YouTube live streaming, Huobi Talk: Episode 23 — ArcBlock (ABT) The Blockchain Unifying Blockchains at 15 March 2018, 12pm (GMT+8). We have uncovered the list of 664 winners on top of the original list posted on 16 March 2018. The Airdrop Prize pool of a total 1,243,672 ABT,OCN and EGCC tokens will be awarded to these winners, Each UID will be entitled to 1,873 tokens (8 ABT,665 OCN and 1,200 EGCC respectively). The amount of the airdrop prize was adjusted to the Airdrop prize will be deposited into your Huobi account within 3 working days.

For those who had missed the YouTube Live streaming, please refer to the link below to watch the playback at

Catch our next live stream at every Thursday at 12pm (GMT+8).

Please refer to for the previous list of winners for Huobi Talk: Episode 23 on 15 March 2018.


1) Huobi Pro and the featured project reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions or withdraw promotion at own discretion and has the final say in case of dispute.

2) Only 1 UID per user submitted via the YouTube Live Chat will be qualified for the Airdrop, multiple UIDs submitted by the same user or similar user names detected will be disqualified.

3) Follow us at Subscribe to

Risk Reminder:

Investing in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before investing, please have a full understanding of all the risks of investing in digital assets and be prudent of your own investment decisions.

Lastly, we want to take this chance to let you know that Huobi Pro has taken in all your valuable feedbacks regarding the Huobi Talk and our airdrop segments. Thank you all very much! In order to serve you better, Huobi Pro will be updating our airdrop scheme for future campaigns. Stay tuned for more updates!

Congratulations to the following selected winners who participated in our sharing of livestream at and entered the correct format in our YouTube Live Chat.

List of Winners

22xx812 20xx5359 30xx7232 34xx5769 18xx2914 34xx7568 22xx909 21xx8644 31xx5846 34xx6274 18xx7993 34xx8663 11xx7131 21xx4678 31xx5175 34xx1282 18xx8686 34xx9010 34xx6985 21xx1014 31xx9619 36xx7217 19xx8075 34xx0578 34xx0124 21xx9351 31xx0947 10xx3448 19xx1857 34xx5920 33xx6380 21xx4883 31xx8252 11xx0329 19xx0012 34xx6613 33xx8280 21xx4576 31xx3800 11xx1353 19xx1355 34xx9353 16xx9080 22xx9211 31xx2974 13xx4440 19xx4835 34xx0796 16xx2051 22xx2228 31xx1377 14xx9200 19xx5201 34xx1586 16xx8284 23xx3279 31xx5967 15xx7126 19xx5820 34xx2067 16xx1966 23xx7378 31xx9485 16xx8157 20xx8390 20xx4684 16xx9742 23xx8656 31xx6443 16xx2051 20xx9437 20xx0892 16xx2980 23xx9277 31xx3722 16xx6794 28xx5421 34xx4394 16xx8489 23xx4288 31xx0675 16xx9742 28xx2692 34xx5227 17xx8585 23xx0158 31xx0482 16xx4894 29xx5249 34xx5248 17xx5085 23xx4699 31xx5155 17xx5051 29xx8701 34xx7715 17xx8791 23xx8263 31xx8991 17xx9597 29xx6826 34xx8818 17xx5309 23xx2105 31xx6788 17xx4874 29xx5690 34xx0367 17xx1308 24xx2776 31xx5219 17xx1949 29xx5077 34xx2980 17xx5130 24xx2072 31xx8586 17xx8183 29xx1241 34xx5759 17xx0526 24xx2330 31xx0426 17xx6568 29xx6557 34xx7817 17xx3235 24xx5697 31xx6233 17xx0564 29xx2741 34xx4471 17xx0564 24xx3541 31xx6528 17xx3570 29xx8236 34xx7384 18xx4320 24xx9033 31xx8060 17xx9462 29xx9590 34xx6334 18xx1216 24xx7133 31xx4556 18xx2731 29xx1237 34xx0302 18xx2650 25xx1157 31xx8620 18xx1088 29xx2563 34xx0654 18xx2497 25xx7766 31xx4010 19xx9347 29xx4600 34xx3062 18xx6596 26xx4057 31xx3469 19xx0012 30xx2283 34xx6898 19xx2667 26xx8846 31xx4039 19xx4277 30xx9019 34xx7831 19xx5241 26xx3911 31xx9773 20xx6939 30xx3400 34xx1365 19xx1904 26xx4548 31xx2355 20xx7272 30xx6893 34xx2117 19xx4242 26xx6588 32xx6457 20xx7292 30xx6173 34xx3250 19xx4835 26xx1187 32xx1511 20xx8385 30xx5409 34xx7231 19xx3382 26xx9523 32xx2055 20xx9954 30xx7288 34xx8621 19xx4155 26xx7213 32xx7802 21xx0302 30xx2560 34xx0798 20xx0910 26xx9331 32xx0784 21xx4550 30xx1737 34xx1617 20xx1893 26xx1952 32xx3165 22xx7166 30xx3598 34xx3781 20xx9510 26xx3967 32xx2975 22xx4639 30xx4733 34xx3938 20xx4010 26xx3824 32xx2018 22xx3537 30xx5264 34xx4463 20xx0716 27xx3450 32xx5307 22xx2724 30xx9039 34xx5100 20xx1441 27xx9384 32xx7426 22xx8731 30xx1155 34xx6325 20xx8029 27xx3472 33xx5182 23xx7759 30xx3039 34xx0343 20xx2979 27xx3312 33xx1194 23xx2840 30xx4043 34xx1387 20xx9321 27xx6688 33xx3119 23xx4065 34xx6062 34xx9693 21xx9203 27xx1444 33xx5020 23xx2786 34xx8013 34xx7201 21xx8644 27xx1774 33xx5125 24xx5002 34xx8306 34xx6154 21xx1658 27xx9228 33xx0814 24xx2460 34xx9313 34xx1109 21xx0380 27xx0206 33xx4363 24xx2978 34xx2416 34xx4001 21xx8023 27xx9400 33xx0328 24xx5699 34xx2730 34xx4784 21xx6693 27xx2241 33xx9460 24xx9721 34xx4556 34xx5379 21xx7969 27xx7501 33xx8063 24xx1277 34xx5459 34xx3547 22xx7968 27xx4408 33xx2797 24xx1060 34xx8518 34xx3570 22xx6517 27xx8216 33xx6353 25xx6003 34xx8523 34xx5409 22xx2293 28xx6290 33xx3070 25xx6249 34xx9051 34xx9470 22xx0010 28xx9032 34xx4193 26xx4928 34xx1299 34xx4602 22xx5751 28xx5005 34xx5618 26xx2636 34xx2128 34xx5332 22xx1846 28xx3345 34xx6233 26xx1918 34xx2521 34xx6385 23xx8753 28xx1637 34xx0571 26xx6128 34xx3475 34xx8587 23xx3279 28xx0437 34xx7978 26xx6691 11xx8217 34xx9986 23xx0133 28xx6979 34xx1536 26xx5384 14xx0480 34xx5985 23xx2840 28xx2772 34xx6120 26xx3846 15xx2589 34xx7452 23xx9146 28xx6744 34xx2269 26xx8052 16xx2862 34xx7837 23xx2786 28xx0682 34xx5037 26xx6563 16xx7570 34xx7680 24xx5721 28xx8641 34xx7613 26xx9828 16xx3403 34xx4903 24xx9749 29xx8501 34xx8692 26xx4201 16xx4675 34xx6679 24xx1572 29xx2433 34xx1133 26xx5596 16xx3310 34xx5989 24xx3980 29xx0879 34xx7535 26xx0073 16xx0514 34xx7976 24xx7720 29xx2741 34xx8850 26xx1084 17xx5072 34xx3775 24xx9439 29xx3155 34xx2787 27xx5754 17xx7774 34xx8319 24xx0897 29xx2741 34xx0329 27xx2953 17xx2401 34xx0283 24xx1210 29xx5522 34xx4397 27xx5973 17xx9396 34xx0571 24xx1925 29xx3358 34xx1194 27xx7501 17xx0514 34xx4141 24xx2978 29xx8581 34xx4046 27xx0031 17xx8674 34xx4786 24xx7316 29xx2736 34xx8852 27xx0623 18xx5673 34xx4927 24xx5719 30xx9344 34xx4726 27xx5100 28xx0437 34xx5532 25xx7978 30xx6095 34xx6797 27xx4287 28xx5302 34xx6729 25xx1530 30xx6212 34xx0546 27xx9028 28xx6771 34xx8208 26xx9849 30xx9697 34xx0903 28xx4945 28xx3439 34xx9838 26xx0227 30xx3881 34xx1038 28xx0273 28xx3061 34xx6887 26xx3440 30xx1303 34xx2056 28xx3785 28xx2772 34xx4120 26xx1531 30xx8488 34xx4114 28xx6085 28xx5636 34xx3303 26xx2247 30xx4190 34xx6370 28xx9200 34xx8355 33xx3777 26xx7774 30xx7789 34xx6710 28xx6619 34xx8424 34xx5618 26xx4583 30xx9417 34xx8965 28xx3251 34xx8775 34xx6233 26xx4173 30xx1694 34xx1030 28xx3746 34xx8952 34xx1536 26xx0237 30xx3039 34xx1476 29xx6826 34xx9398 34xx5532 26xx1828 30xx9375 34xx4534 29xx4295 34xx2375 34xx4167 26xx7024 30xx2596 34xx5849 29xx7325 34xx5597 34xx9416 26xx2648 31xx6710 34xx6013 29xx0365 28xx6055 33xx5699 26xx6869 31xx1957 34xx6031 29xx2563 28xx0832 33xx2528 26xx8404 31xx0192 34xx7715 29xx1803 28xx7681 33xx3393 27xx1950 31xx2137 34xx8587 29xx4452 28xx2422 33xx0964 27xx0452 31xx1671 34xx9204 29xx6243 28xx3589 33xx8631 27xx5928 31xx3024 34xx9622 30xx1479 28xx6491 34xx4773 27xx2664 31xx3397 34xx0688 30xx1843 28xx9284 34xx1081 27xx4519 31xx0896 34xx0750 30xx9522 34xx1054 32xx3129 27xx7037 31xx5753 34xx1153 31xx9382 34xx2770 32xx3417 27xx7456 31xx1637 34xx1313 31xx4542 34xx3062 33xx8952 27xx7952 31xx1577 34xx2980 31xx4021 34xx2136 33xx0102 27xx8396 31xx4504 34xx3834 31xx6768 34xx3775 33xx3325 27xx8162 31xx9127 34xx3992 31xx8396 34xx5208 33xx2528 27xx6821 31xx9195 34xx4010 31xx6027 34xx7878 33xx8160 27xx6166 31xx5921 34xx4516 31xx1377 28xx9070 33xx5762 27xx2433 31xx7784 34xx4632 31xx9921 28xx6689 33xx7031 27xx0232 32xx1910 34xx6717 31xx3722 28xx3785 33xx5921 27xx2199 32xx8776 34xx7551 31xx5136 28xx5970 33xx2955 27xx2042 32xx2018 34xx8100 31xx8377 28xx3621 33xx3204 27xx5100 32xx2515 34xx9025 31xx6683 34xx1470 31xx3962 28xx0332 32xx3544 34xx0312 31xx0023 34xx5832 31xx5452 28xx4463 32xx2969 34xx1136 31xx8960 34xx1381 31xx7725 34xx1734 31xx7993 34xx8257 31xx0394

Thank you for your support!

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