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🔹What is NEO?

Neo is an open-source, community-driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

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🔹What is XEM?

NEM is an acronym for New Economy Movement, a blockchain platform that was build from the ground up. The actual cryptocurrency trades with the symbol XEM. It was designed as an enterprise solution for the upcoming blockchain revolution and global economy.

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🔹What is Loopring?

LRC is an ERC-20 token that describes itself as “an open-sourced, audited, and non-custodial protocol.” Loopring is an Ethereum zkRollup protocol — a type of layer 2 scaling solution. Layer 2s are an environment that sits above Ethereum, where transaction throughput can be increased, and transaction cost can be decreased. From a user’s POV, that means faster, cheaper, gas-free transactions.

🚀Huobi has officially launched crypto loans!

Below are commonly asked questions but join our Huobi Telegram or contact support at if you have additional questions.

Here we go:

🔹Q1. Who can use Huobi Loans?

Huobi Loans is a service in which you can collateralize your crypto and borrow other crypto assets to meet your needs instantly.

Your account must be KYC-verified.

🔹Q2. What digital assets can I borrow?

You can borrow a variety of digital assets, including USDT, HUSD, BTC, ETH, etc. The details are subject to the display on the product page.

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👉Buying dips? Grab Loans 50% off now!👈

🔹Q3. What digital assets are supported?

You can use a variety of digital assets as collateral assets, including BTC, USDT, ETH, HT, HPT, etc. …

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🔹What is Tezos?

Tezos is a self-amending cryptographic ledger. It achieves consensus not just about the state of a ledger, but about the state of its own protocol. Tezos is designed to provide the safety and code correctness required for assets and other high-value use cases. Its native smart contract language, Michelson, facilitates formal verification, a methodology commonly used in mission-critical environments such as the aerospace, nuclear, and semiconductor industries.

Dear users,

Huobi Global will launch LINA (Linear) in Inno Hub on December 29th, 2020. The holding limit of a single project of each account is 50,000 USDT equivalents of tokens, and there is no holding limit for API trading, insiders and above (Huobi VIP). Please see details below:

  • Has now opened LINA deposits; 【Deposit Now >>>】
  • Open LINA spot trading (LINA/USDT、LINA/BTC、LINA/ETH) at 14:00 on December 29th (UTC+8);
  • Open LINA withdrawals at 10:00 on December 30th (UTC+8).
  • Opening precaution: Huobi Global will limit the listed price to limited order within 5 minutes after opening trading, and the price shall not be more than 5 times of the opening price, and the normal trading will resume after that. …

The ongoing upgrade of Ethereum to what is being labeled Ethereum 2.0 has many people in the cryptocurrency space very excited. The upgrade is purported to be making the original smart blockchain much more usable, scalable, and effective — but it is also laying out a long road.

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🔹Stake ETH -Get Rewards on Huobi!

The path to ETH 2.0 will not be an overnight thing, and in fact, will have a number of stages — or phases — to it. It all begins with Phase 0, which will see the Beacon Chain come into operation and the move towards a new consensus algorithm take shape.

With this change in the chain, however, there will also be a new cryptocurrency created — BETH. The creation of a new cryptocurrency on an existing chain, born of a new chain upgrade causes many logistical difficulties, but these will all have to be overcome if ETH 2.0 is to be a success. …

Earn Crypto Five Ways Right Now on Huobi!

Right now, you want to earn Bitcoin or any other crypto assets listed on Huobi. With Bitcoin's price rally to $19,000 USD, we have created several ways for you to earn cryptocurrencies by being active on the exchange and its communities. First, you will need an account Join us.

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🔹 Earn 8% to 260% APY

Staking, Mining, or HODLing! Current assets include DOT, KSM, LINK, YFI, AAVE, and NSURE. More added every day — Click to join!

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🔹What is IOTA?

IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things (IoT). It uses a directed acyclic graph to store transactions on its ledger, motivated by potentially higher scalability over blockchain-based distributed ledgers. IOTA does not use miners to validate transactions, instead, users that issue a new transaction must approve two previous transactions and perform a small amount of proof of work. Transactions can therefore be issued without fees, facilitating microtransactions.

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🔹What is THETA?

Theta is a decentralized video delivery network, powered by users and an innovative new blockchain. Theta is an open-source protocol purpose-built to power the decentralized streaming network and will allow for vertical decentralized apps (DApps) to be built on top of the platform to enable esports, music, TV/movies, education, enterprise conferencing, peer-to-peer streaming, and more.’s DApp will be the first application built on the Theta network leveraging its existing user base of millions of esports viewers.


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