Huobi Pool, the world’s largest staking mining pool under Huobi Group, announced today the launch of its Casper Staking campaign with an aim to support the ecological development of Casper. Users who join in the note voting by staking CSPR would be able to enjoy an annualized rate of return(ARR) up to 10%. This article will show you how to participate in the campaign and gain rewards!

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The Argentinian province of Misiones plans to issue its own stablecoin in the future. This is one of the objectives that a recently approved law, the Missionary Financial Innovation Program with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology, proposes. Misiones will also use a blockchain to issue documents and certificates to digitalize much of its work.

Misiones to Issue Stablecoin

The Argentinian province of Misiones informed last week it plans to issue its own stablecoin. This is part of an economic plan that seeks to modernize the structure of the province through the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. …

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A theory about how NFT sales are sinking ether’s price emerges in a dull market.

Not everyone’s happy with the rapid growth of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), especially some people who are already inside the volatile crypto market for a bit longer time, aka, the “crypto natives.”

As NFTs gain popularity despite an overall bearish sentiment in the crypto market, some NFT critics inside the market took to Twitter blaming the non-crypto natives who cash out their ether (ETH, +5.49%)

According to Huobi Global, the volume of cryptocurrency transactions of Ukrainian users doubled in the second quarter of 2021, with a six month growth of 153%. For the first time since the exchange operation, Ukraine has surpassed Russia in terms of the growth in trading volume for cryptocurrencies, becoming the growth leader in trading activities not only in the CIS, but across the world.

The recent report released by the analytics agency Chainalysis, on the profits received from the sale of BTC in 2020, reveals Ukrainian traders were ranked top ten along with traders from the USA, China, Japan, Great…

“We’ve been continuing to empower HT with various application scenarios because we understand this is an essential factor that most investors will judge when choosing an asset.” — Ciara Sun, Vice President of Huobi Global Market.

🔥Huobi announced this week that it has burned 3.797 million Huobi Token (HT) valued at approximately $48.6 million in June as a continuing part of Huobi’s token burn plans.🔥

According to the latest HT monthly operations report, the average price of HT burned this time was about 12.80 USDT and it maintained a high deflation trend as in previous months with a deflation rate…

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🔹Great news from the Ethereum Foundation!

After a successful testnet deployement, the London upgrade is now ready to be activated on the Ethereum mainnet. It will go live on block 12 965 000, which is expected between August 3–5, 2021.

🔹Client Versions

In order to be compatible with the London upgrade, node operators will need to upgrade the client version that they run. The versions, listed below for each client, support London on the Ethereum mainnet. These releases are different from the previously announced releases that supported London on testnets…

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The Lightning Network recorded its quickest 100 Bitcoin capacity growth ever at only five days. This month alone, the network capacity has increased 20% to 1,821.29 BTC locked in across more than 56,000 channels.

The Lightning Network sees its quickest 100 bitcoin growth ever. Source Arcane Research

As it is right now, the Bitcoin network can process up to seven transactions per second. This throughput would need to increase by magnitudes in the thousands or even millions in order to host the global economy, mostly due to the fact that any blocks written above 1 megabyte are invalid on the current Bitcoin mainnet.

Although many have…

Huobi Institution provides a safe, compliant, efficient, and professional trading for institutional clients. We offer unique features across spot, derivatives, brokerage, and more.

Huobi Global is one of the world’s leading digital asset financial service provider, delivering secure and reliable trading services to over millions of traders all over the globe. Huobi has a very strong track record, building on 8 years and remain the early pioneers of the industry.

Based on CoinMarketCap, our liquidity in spot and futures are among the top in the market, with billions in active trading volume each day. …

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The bank plans to expand the trial between September and December.

The Bank of Jamaica is planning to test its delayed central bank digital currency (CBDC) across financial institutions in August, according to a report in the Jamaica Observer.

  • Speaking at a Rotary Club conference last week, Bank of Jamaica Governor Richard Byles said the banks plans to expand the trial between September and December and then gradually move toward a full-fledged launch.
  • According to Byles, financial institutions will exchange CBDC with businesses and individuals at a rate of J$1 (US$0.07) …

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As well as steering the direction of the project, the DAO aims to provide a kind of decentralized insurance against oracle failings.

Trade API3 on Huobi!

API3, a service that provides data feeds to blockchain-based smart contracts, is becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a democratized system of decision-making using cryptocurrency and blockchains.

Announced Thursday, API3’s DAO contains the startup’s treasury worth close to $100 million, gleaned from its token sale at the end of last year, and composed of $23 million of stablecoin USDC and 25 million API3 tokens (valued at $2.75 …

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